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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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made a bold statement into turning this into goth am city. it codify catapulted. so, now it's a much for ininaccurate indicate from the divorce. people starting twoet and reposting and it went viral. it was incredible about make a wish he wanted to be thinking about being batman. there's been a lot of super issues that have happened cross the country but i think that can only happen in san francisco the mayors on board and the city hall it's an incredible outpouring and i love how san francisco is in the spotlight here and people around the world
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sending their love to san francisco. you kids we thank you for your encourage and we wish we can erase the pain we hope this is the day of magic and that you'll remember this forever. bat kid forever in san francisco >> san francisco is unique in this way and it's part of our compassion and we have a civic duty to be involved and people are stepping forward if in huge way. it's about san francisco and it's inspired by miles and about every child who has a severe
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how. >> welcome to you home matters symposium. it's fitting we hold this event at the kelly cowen community that is the brainchild of san francisco public health pr with the mayor's office. to provide this for homeless people we will again prove out what we all know inactively to be true it's not only more humane but less expensive for society to house people than a to allow i am of them to be homeless. there's a growing kwaurns of homeless. it's please call the roll. >> understood we know more about a child's future health by
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her zip code they're then her general code. we are going to talk about home and health but the importance of home expends far beyond health. home matters. it's part of a campaign to raise the national awareness that affordable housing is more are about represent and shelter with impacts on transportation and safety and more. affordable housing lies at the foundation of social and economic progress and just as echoable society we all yearn for now, please join me in welcoming our mayor mayor ed lee. (clapping.)
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>> welcome good morning. good morning >> thank you, don for that interrogation. i'm glad to be here for the attained development center and the kelly cowen community center. it's great to be here. i was talking our deputy secretary marie this building was one of the first when we went to the transformation of that first used our are a funds it was such an enlightening powerful effort going on in the attained to use the program that president obama brought and gives an opportunity to do. i'm here to welcome you to san francisco thank you for being here for the home matters symposium. its as don said earlier the right place inform to be because
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t n d c has been a powerful source i want them to continue to championship the relationship i relationship between home and health. and no other center can do that because you have this wonderful kelly cowen home center right here distancing for the uncommonly. today's symposium continues to be part of a commitment that our city is making. i wanted to let you know what we're doing to continue the promise of housing for everybody. last week, we opened up the mary helen rogers senior community and my friend read over was interest. it's a partnership now to
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concludes in a wonderful home far more than one hundred of our cities low income and formerly homeless seniors. 20 unit were set aside for the seniors direction access to the housing program. last month we broke ground to how did youth if you foster care and there's another investment that will be targeted inform protecting routine on all of those housing developments have supportive services on site to make sure our resident live healthy lives. it will not stop there let me rope that it will not stop there, in fact, all 25 percent of all housing being built in san francisco are permanently
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affordable for a person our resident. and just last september of this year we announced the additional resources for the human service agree to stop unlawful evictions. because you have our city careful planning love people can understand the problems but not 40 just to react to them. the city is tripling the amount of fund which is $8 million in homeless and defense locals health services for those who need it the most. some of those funds are coming from the housing tries fund. that was a measure that was eechlgly passed to the tune of $1.5 billion in the next thirty
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years. we're also in the midst of reenvisioning our cities public housing. no more do we want to be resolved in poorest housing this traps folks in scloitdz complexed. there's nothing san francisco about that. i've been working closely with deputy mary stones and hud to get off the treadmill and asked our city administrator mammogram kelly and our directors housing to partner with hud and to reenvision and build and expand on the model weighing we've seen work the sf model. i'm proud of the progress we've made towards ending homelessness for our veterans.
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i want to thank secretary jones and hud office veterans administration for their partnership. since 2011 we've decreased homelessness among veterans by thirty percent and we've done there through opening the permanent housing for 45 veterans with on site supportive serviced and our two other successful homes for heros campaign with one hundred and 50 veterans were housed through hud and vouchers arrest all told over the last 9 years we have some 10 thousand san franciscans have left our city streets for shelters for permanent housing services including 3 thousand units of city funded permanent
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housing and we're going to keep building the affordable housing and coming up them. awhile housing first remains my appropriate we are going to continue with the housing connections for those in need. we're expanding our shelter system for better serving the lgbt community for example, and we've k357bd our housing with everyday connection. clearly our work is not finished. we'll be talking about universal health care and building on a world-class city and once again we are going to be innovating our way to success we can to make sure that san francisco is home to everybody. we cannot accomplish all of this without the support of our federal partners and deborah
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support. it's my great pleasure to introduce our keynote speaker and on behalf of president obama and hud secretary hahn marie's is someone i've been in connection literally weekly to reenvision our public housing for all our residents. so, please let me electro our hud deputy secretary mr. maurice jones. thank you very much. (clapping.) >> good morning to everybody. >> good morning. >> i want to thank the mayor for that kind introduction. i just want to take this time to say what a pleasure it is to work with the mayor and his team. you are blessed the mayor has
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taken the issues that you are wrestling with now and other issues involving housing particularly affordable housing and really made it something that he's making a dramatic impact on and we're delighted at hud to be working and trying to do our part to a help him realize his vision for the city. i want to acknowledge the work of the tenderloin neighborhood corporation for hosting us today and also for the real with distinguished record that you have in working for affordable housing and permanent support of housing for residents of san francisco. and then also want to acknowledge national work
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association along with his partners across the nation for the home matters campaign. secretary donovan was honored to launch this effort and i'm proud to be here today to announce that hud continues to support in very important effort. on a personal note from me as i think about the important components of my life growing up my grandparents who raised me the home that they provided for me for 18 plus years and, yes it was plus years. i won't tell you about that but suffice it is 80 is 18 plus years and the doors having a
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stable save home open for me are or were continue to be transformative access to recreation, access to transportation even in a rural area, safety, love, i mean it would just a home; right? it was indeed and at the base of what this campaign is all about it was something that enabled me to tend to health needs, economic needs educational needs, and development needs. so, yes home definitely matters and for me, i, tell you my story is certainly a story that includes many chapters about how home matters.
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in the larger picture home matters because the single biggest predictor of a child's life then even their lifespan is the zip deed e code they grew up in. a home represents so much more marathon a bunch of bricks or is an address on the street. when a family choices a home their choosing a school four their home and access to jobs and transportation. their choosing to be in an environment with a particular codify public safety and choosing all the services that a neighborhood actually provides. indeed there's a direct co- recollection between health and housing. a figure that is unactive but i
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didn't really inimpersonal lists is the people in the u.s. spend l about 70 percent of their time in a residence. 70 percent. that's certainly suggests that the condition of a home is a huge factor in a person well-being, however, you define that well-being motional, health, spiritual a home is an unambiguous influence. we're living in champing times. i don't need to tell you that i flu in last night from washington, d.c. and i'll confess it's also nice to get out of washington, d.c.
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we've got plenty of challenges they're impacting every part of this country and indeed cross the world. unfortunately, because of the economic crisis recent years have been tough on families and their housing. according to the most recent study we did a worse case housing needs that looks at the amount of money people are spend on their housing. the latest study stated that 8.5 million families pay more than half of their mostly income on rent and live in severely substandard housing. 8.5 million families pay more than half of their mostly income
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on rent. 40 percent of interpreting city and a suburbia homes have at least one health and safety hazard sitting vacant homes for many reasons. that is unacceptable. every child deserves a fair chance at getting the best possible start in life and no person should ever be in danger when they're in their home. we've got work to do together to get affordable housing and outcomes. we're working at hud to improve housing and a health in a number of ways. and i want to talk about a few
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of the things that compliment your campaign. we have at hud a office we call healthy homes and hazard control we call it the heath homes program. the goals of the programs is to improve health through improved housing quality. some of the things we're working on include the following: we've worked s with public housing agencies to promote smoke free public housing. currently, we have over 4 hundred housing authorities that have designated their housing as smoke free. that's good for health and frankly good for businesses. 4 hundred and 3 though is a little bit over 10 percent. so we've got work to do.
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and your campaign helps to remind folks educate folks of the importance of the connection between housing and health and helps our effort. another example of what we are trying to do is taking steps to incorporate radar testing in to as many of our programs. radar testing is an inexpensive way to have good health in the homelands. we're going to include this so stay tunneled you'll hear more about that. the bottom line for us is the proposition that investing in residential health and safety is
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both cost effective and sustainable. it's a sustainable way that it reduceed not only the economic train on vulnerable families but reduce the burdens of poor quality housing on the public as well. a second area we're working in the housing counseling. we're working to grandparent families to help them secure descendent and affordable housing. and in the last 4 years hud has been proud to work with housing counsels to assist families across the country. overtime this can lead to improved health outcomes. a third area the revitalization
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issue. as the president said we can't address problems of poverty and isolation so during the president first administration they came back came together to help distressed neighborhood it started with 5 initiative. it relying a stressed neighborhood requires building strength across interconnected assets health, safety and education in the private sector like private businesses that can help with jobs. those efforts included a number of components. something called choices neighborhood it's a program that provide local leaders with tools
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to help with distressed neighborhood and poverty. and two 1r50ib9 stunt rich neighborhoods. we're working on that the alice 2k3wri6g9 public housing project. promise neighborhood. and many folks have heard l about the harlem neighborhoods builds a that i'm from the earlier education services around this school environment and focuses on two big areas. comfortably high school graduation and college ma contribution for every student particularly students in distressed neighborhood. a third piece is the jufks it
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targets crime in neighborhood focused on hot spots of skroinl activities ploy cross straejdz and lastly, the healthy human services dates, times, department is involved encouraging local partnerships between new and a old height centers and other grant programs with the other neighborhood folks programs. promise zones the president spoke in the last state of the union address about promise zones. their emotionally an effort or i should is a promise to integrate in the line of federal programs to address the needs of 20 currently distressed neighborhoods throughout the
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country in an effort to tropism them into vibrate community. it has the home matters movement addressing not only homeless but job and education and health care and economic resiliency through many programs including one we have at hud called sustainable community. i should say the deadline for the eligible community to apply for a promise zone is the 26th of november. increase a website out there it's www hud dot gov. back slash promise zones. so let me include and reiterate that we know from data and we
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know from experience that home represents more than an address on the street. it impacts almost every aspect of a person's life. let's fight for academically strong schools in our community and let's fight for quality health care and fight for a sense of safety and economic
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security you all the building blocks of stroke neighborhoods, strong individuals the american dream. let's fidget for those things. that's what home matters is all about. that's what we at huddling are attempting to contribute to. i look forward to work with all of you to strengthen the community and this great nation of ours. thanks for you will you do and thanks for having me here. they gave me a little tour and took any up to the baseball court. now i was attempted but i was thinking about my healthy took a pass (laughter) >> thanks for all you do and i forward to working with you and continue to follow our progress. so good morning you all
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(clapping) >> thank you deputy secretary jones and mayor ed lee. we greatly appreciate your being here and thank you for framing our decision on home matters symposium. i'm dave brown the director of
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the organization those organizations helped to launcher this month ago. it's focused on a raising awareness and home for english should have the chance to reach their whole potential. now many folks are in the room and includes dhs and greens and habit for a 450u7b9 and neighborhood for america and the well fargo foundation and many groups across the country who believe that home is the better way for success. the tenderloin neighborhood is one of the local orchestrates we're 2k3wr5e6 for their
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leadership in making this possible. with this event home matters is moving beyond housing to illuminate health w is one of the health issues that starts at home. i hope you will all support this movement get on board with the matters and fill out the cards you can learn more at the and we're live twitter right now. we encourage you to do so share where home is. does home matter for health? it does. we'll tell you why home matters. awhile plotting along as a bored


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